Re-Fresh Smoke & Odor Eliminator

Re-Fresh Smoke & Odor Eliminator is a professional strength odor eliminator formulated to quickly and effectively remove smoke odors like cigarette, cigar, cannabis, pet, home and other offensive odors in seconds.  Contains a patented, laboratory tested odor neutralizer that eliminates odors so the odors don't ever come back.

You get more than 750 sprays in every 4-oz can so it’s super economical to use. Available in 10 enticing scents sprayed in the air formulated to eliminate airborne odors, plus two others, Platinum and Zero which are water based to be used everywhere - on fabric, upholstery, and in the air! Cans have a pump spray so no aerosol; better for the environment.

Re-Fresh for Everywhere! Use on fabric, upholstery, and in the air!

Spray it on your cloths or other upholstery until it’s lightly damp.  Let it dry… then… you’re done. Enjoy your Re-Freshed surroundings!