About Us

The Story

A few years ago, Eric and Sam began their friendship with a chance meeting at a local cigar store. These two found that they have a lot more things in common than cigars; everything from family values to musical interests to forward thinking. When the first product was discovered, just waiting for the right team and moment to show the world, these two entrepreneurs seized the opportunity. Their work ethic coupled with the belief in the products, they felt, would be a winning combination. They joined together to begin, what is now known as, KASHMIR Distributors, LLC. A company that distributes products that have been tested and proven to be the best in today’s market and, if possible, made in the good old USA.

Our Commitment

We at KASHMIR Distributors are committed to providing the very best in service and products to our customers and, therefore, insist that customer satisfaction is top priority in our industry. That's why we have endured over the years. We, at KASHMIR Distributors, thank you for your support and patronage!

About Us

Eric Moravecky, is a native-born Floridian‒ Melbourne, Florida to be exact. He is a graduate of Tampa Technical Institute, class of 1986, where He earned a degree in Architectural Design. Prior to 2001, Eric worked as an Architectural Designer for fifteen years. In 2001 He started his own company, Digital Mind's Eye, providing 3D renderings for clients in the architectural/engineering world. In 2009, Eric became involved in developing custom proposal graphics for governmental agencies, military, industrial and commercial entities; i.e. technical illustrations and custom 3D graphics. Selling His experience and knowledge needed to complete a multitude of projects over many years for a variety of Hi-tech clients.


Sam Chambers was born in Jamaica W.I., and came to the United States of America as a young child. While, growing up He began to realize that America was a country that, if you worked hard and stayed focused on a dream, anything, was possible.  After, Sam’s education He spent several years in R&D and sales, during, which time He realized what products worked well and others that were not as advertised. Sam has worked for several companies, wherein, he managed and initiated various Technics that improved productivity.  Sam, has always been known as “a very personal and hands on supervisor” by his colleagues.