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Total Release Fogger

Odor Assassin Total Release Fogger is an aerosol based odor eliminating formula that effectively destroys odors regardless of their source. Use as a fogger to freshen spaces up to 6000 cubic feet (about 675 sq, ft. at 9ft. high). Penetrates cracks and crevices to eliminate odors at their source.

Easy to use. The dual action release tab adjusts from a short burst spray trigger for spot deodorizing to a fogger for an entire room, office, lobby, restroom, auditorium, home, or other large space. Simply lock tab in open position and leave the room undisturbed for 2 hours. Then air out space for 30 min or so... Done!

Clean, fresh air scent. 12 5 oz cans per case.

Metered Aerosols

Odor Assassin metered refills deliver long-lasting odor control in ten delicious scents. All fragrances contain patented odor-control ingredient that truly eliminates offensive malodors in bathrooms, workout gyms, lobby’s, offices etc.! Each 7.25-oz aerosol can delivers 3000 metered sprays. An average metered spray every 15 minutes lasts 30 days. Wonderfully delicious scents! No nasty chemical smells. Dispense using our “Sensor Dispenser” or most other automatic dispensing cabinets. This product is VOC compliant in all states.

Sensor Dispenser

Dispenser features 24 hrs or when light is on only option operation, spray interval of 5, 15, or 30 minutes, empty can reminder, low battery monitor with indicator light, and easily wall mounts. Use one dispenser for every 4000-6000 cubic feet.