Re-Fresh Products

Let’s Re-Fresh America!

Re-Fresh Products

Re-Fresh Smoke & Odor Eliminator is a professional strength odor eliminator formulated to quickly and effectively remove smoke odors like cigarette, cigar, cannabis, pet, home and other offensive odors in seconds.  Contains a patented, laboratory tested odor neutralizer that eliminates odors so the odors don't ever come back.

You get more than 750 sprays in every 4-oz can so it’s super economical to use. Available in 10 enticing scents formulated to eliminator airborne odors plus Platinum and Zero which are formulated to be used everywhere - on fabric, upholstery, and in the air! Cans have a pump spray so no aerosol; better for the environment.

Re-Fresh for Everywhere! Use on fabric, upholstery, and in the air!

Spray it on your cloths or other upholstery until it’s lightly damp.  Let it dry… then… you’re done. Enjoy your Re-Freshed surroundings!

Re-Fresh Platinum – 4oz. can

Platinum has a “fresh laundry” scent and is formulated for use everywhere! In the air and on fabric, upholstery and clothing. Can even be used to remove odors from leather upholstery.

Re-Fresh Zero – 4oz. can

What have you got to hide?

Zero, like Platinum, is formulated for use everywhere… however, has no scent! Some people just don’t want a scent left after the magic of smoke elimination happens. Smoked a cigar and the wife or girlfriend doesn’t like it? Zero it out! In the air and on fabric, upholstery and clothing. Can even be used to remove odors from leather upholstery.

Re-Fresh for the Air! Eliminates odors in seconds!

Re-Fresh Natural Citrus – 4oz. can

Everyone's favorite fresh creamsicle orange scent! Really does have the creamy orange smell that will take you to that time of the ice cream soda stand. No… not really, but it does smell great!

Re-Fresh Cool Rain – 4oz. can

That Cool, fresh scent! This one has that somewhat “masculine” aroma that just might… drive the ladies crazy. It will definitely leave whatever you spray seem like the odors have been washed away with a cool rain shower.

Re-Fresh Apple – 4oz. can

Crisp delicious apple scent that does smell like fresh apples! Maybe this it what fresh squeezed apple cider smells like.

Tropical – 4oz. can

Welcome to da islands Mon! A perfect blend of pineapple, mango and passion fruit scents. Perhaps when you spray this one a little umbrella should be served up and the faint sound of steel drums play in the background.

Cinnaberry – 4oz. can

The cozy scent of cinnamon, exotic spices and berries waft through the air conjuring up images of seasonal delectable treats! The nice thing is you can have that feeling all year round with this delicious fragrance.

Lemonade – 4oz. can

This scent is reminiscent of fresh squeezed homemade lemonade. That lemon fresh citrus bouquet that gives you a pleasant, familiar feeling your mother or grandmother taught you about.

Crisp Cotton – 4oz. can

A soft, clean scent of just washed linen...

smell that fresh just washed and dried on the clothes line aroma. Not perfum...just right!

Key Lime – 4oz. can

A Tart and juicy lime scent. Key limes are smaller than regular limes, but what they lack in size they make up in bursting flavor. So, goes this fragrance spray. Makes you want to head to the Florida Keys for a long weekend!

Vanilla Bean – 4oz. can

A vanilla scent sure to please. That familiar delicious fragrance that is anything but plain vanilla! Has anyone had any birthday cake? You will think its a very good possibility after you try this one.

Baja Blast – 4oz. can

Citrus with a festive kick. Perhaps a fruity punch is more tothe point with this really fun scent. A true favorite.