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Smart ChoiceTM Product Descriptions

Smoke and Odor Eliminator - 14-oz aerosol, quarts and gallons

Clean spring rain scent specially formulated to destroy smoke odors from tobacco, fire, burnt foods, and more.

Smart Choice Products

Smart Choice Smoke Odor Eliminator is formulated to penetrate deep down into fabrics where trapped odors linger, lifting them out for good.  Use on fabric, carpet, upholstery or in the air.

Can be used to eliminate the acidic smoke smell associated with fire damage.

Non-staining, non-flammable, and non-irritating to skin.  Perfect for hotels, auto detailing, restaurants, apartments, disaster recovery, car rentals, nursing homes, anywhere.

Dry spray in the aerosol can penetrates fibers to lift out smoke and other offensive odors. The quart and gallon quantities can refill you own sprayers for better economy. Eliminates odors permanently so the odors don't ever come back.

Odor Eliminating Enzymatic Stain & Spill Digester - quarts and gallons

With a spring fresh scent, Smart Choice Enzymatic Digester is particularly effective for foul odor "emergencies" where both instant and long-lasting odor control are desired.  It organically digests uric salts, mercaptans, proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose, fats, oils and grease eliminating both the stains and the odors.

Smart Choice Enzymatic Digester also removes uric salts and organic wastes from washable surfaces - carpets, upholstery, fabrics, tile, grout, cement and other porous surfaces.

Can also be used to maintain free-flowing and fresh-smelling drains.  Contains no harsh acids or caustic material; won't harm septic tank bacteria or plumbing.

Nonflammable, noncorrosive. Meets requirements for use in Federally inspected meats and poultry plants.