Re-Fresh Crisp Cotton - 4oz. Aluminum Cans (12 per Case)

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Re-Fresh Crisp Cotton – 4oz. cans (12 per Case)

A soft, clean scent of just washed linen… smell that fresh just washed and dried on the clothes line aroma. Not perfumy… just right!

Re-Fresh for the Air! Eliminates odors in seconds!

Re-Fresh Smoke & Odor Eliminator is a professional strength odor eliminating formula that quickly and effectively removes smoke odors like cigarette, cigar, cannabis, and pet, home and other offensive odors in seconds.  Contains a patented, laboratory tested odor neutralizer that eliminates odors so the odors don't ever come back.

You get more than 750 sprays in every 4-oz can so it’s super economical to use. Available in 10 enticing scents formulated to eliminate airborne odors.